Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks Giving


It was like a crazy to grab the deals on the Thanks giving day. I understood that the malls will be very crowdy.

Me and my friends went to malls to roam around and to grab the stuff if we can.
a. Wall mart - nothing great deal items left
b. Best Buy - some are left in the deals but not useful for me
c. Target - nothing great deals left
d. Kohls -tried to get some shoe as we like it. But we understood the deal will be about $20 and after sometime got to know that those shoe were about $40. Then dropped to buy.
e. Circuit City - The deal items are almost gone. But tried to get the Cam corder (good one) and stood in the Q as directed by one of the sales executive. But another executive told that, no more stock on that too. Oops, all hopes are lost.
f. JC Penny - Not much can be purchased
g. Old Navy - I had purchased a T-shirt for about $5 as that suits to my swetter.
h. Sears - Nothing I had purchased
i. Camera shop - I had asked for the cam corder and understood that the stock was empty and they told me to get it in a day or two as they will get the new stock. Hope to get this atleast :)
j. A Dollar shop: just roamed there but all most all items are for about $1.
k. American Eagles: No deals
l. fye: No deals specific.

I wasn't make my self to wake up by early hours to grab the deals. Anyways, people have got good deals...

~ Gangadhar Kotu

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