Saturday, November 29, 2008

New York City


Some of my friends came from Nashvillae and all are getting ready to enjoy the beauty of the New York City.

9:24 AM Started at Home
10:35 AM reached to NY
We had parked our vehicle in a paid parking area. Searched for our friends. Then had a break-fast in Burger shop.
We found difficulty in getting the day pass for the TRASIT and finally got that after spoke to a shop owner and the counter clerk. The day pass is for about $7.5.
We then went to Ferry and walked down to Cruise to get to see the Statue of Liberty. I bought the tickets and got to know that the next cruise will be by 3:00 PM and there is a big Q to enter in to the cruise. I got doubt that we will also miss the 3PM cruise and decided not to visit this and cancelled the tickets at the counter.

Then, back to Ferry station and took the ferry to have a small trip there and enjoyed that very well. During this, we had nearly went to Statue of Liberty.

Then, walk down to Wall street, America Stock Exchange, Ground Zero and WTC 7.

Then, took a sub-urban to Penn station and also visited the Empire State Building as observation guide. But nothing thrill.

Then, had Pizza as dinner in Pizza Hut and walked down to Times Square. It is really amazing experience. We had given a 'Thanks and Bye' to my friends, who are driving back to Washing DC tonight.

During this, I gotta see 'Rikshaws' in New York city. It was really really surprise to me as every body in India gets ignored the 'Rikshaw' people.

Finally took a train to Canal St and drove the car to Home and reached safely.
11:24 PM at Home (27, Scherer Ct, Trenton, NJ 08648)

Haaaa... Haa.a..a.a................... Good experience.

~ Gangadhar Kotu

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