Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knowledge Test


I was been trying to prepare to get the Driving license from New Jersey since a month. Finally, I am prepared to attend the test tomorrow.

The links which I had prepared are given below.

NJ MVA site:
  • (Home page)
  • (Excercises)
  • (Sample Test)
Other school sites:

Now, with the last link, I got to know that I can only take the road test after 3 months of passing the knowledge test, which is really yelling me (as my project tenure gets closed by mid/end of december). Even though, I am ready to take the knowledge test and get prepared for the road test even 3 months time is there. Donno, by that time, whether I will be in either New Jersey or US or else...

If I am in New Jersey only, this test result will be useful for me. If not, hahahahaha.. hahahahah... fun.. fun... I WILL BE JUST LOOSING the fee of the TEST .. seems to be $10.

Assumption: Lemme consider in the different way, I donot take the knowledge test now as project closure will be in another month. By end of dec, I got the project for another 6 months in New Jersey itself. So, by Jan, I had appear for the test and need to w8 till APR'09 to appear for ROAD Test. Unnecessarily, I will be loosing a month time instead of $10. Which is so costly than the $10 amount.

So, Finally decided to appear for the test. (I had already lost a month by now by thinking the previous way..... :) )

Moral: TIME is more VALUABLE than the MONEY in Hand.

~Gangadhar Kotu

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Gangadhar Kotu said...

I am done with the test and got the following information (100%).

a. Knowledge Test - $10.
b. ID card - $15.

For NJ:
a.If you have a valid driving license from any state/country then you do not need to appear for Road Test.
b.If you do not have any license or forgot to get before appearing for Knowledge test, you will be considered as First time driver. It means GDL (Graduate Driver License) and you need to appear for Road Test. You can only appear for this Road test only after 3 months.

Happy planning.. Safe DRIVING. :)