Saturday, November 29, 2008

Atlantic City


Some of my friends came from Nashvillae and We got started to spend some time in Atlantic City (The famous for Casinos).

We have reached city by 8:20 PM, gathered and disbursed by quoting like 'Meet again by 10PM to have dinner'.

People are playing the Casino and Poker games like anything and the bearers are also like ('Donno what to say') almost natural serving their coffee and Soda for their customers.

I couldn't still understand how the game works and what measures they are taking to play the game.

Hahahaha.. In between says like "Yeah.. I won. Thats it..". I donno for what and how....

We had a very good dinner in a Pakistani restaurant and get back to Casino. This time all disbursed to gather by 12:00 AM. But this time, differently we enjoyed the musical garden and people are dancing to the music played by musicians. Important thing to infom is there was lady dancing for about 1 hour time almost. Do you have any guess how much older she is? Do you think 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, ....... You might be wrong. But her age was about 70. She was dancing more time than the younger and youngest joyers.

We started back to our home by 12:30 almost and reached here by 2:15 AM.

Going on.. on.... on.....

Gangadhar Kotu

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