Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Birthday

The celebration of my birthday this year was very pale as I am alone from family, is the primary effect. Due to far away (I am in New Jersey and my family is in & near by Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India) from family, they couldn't wish me on time. I made a call to them (Wife, Mother, Father & Sister-in-law) and got the wishes.

Two of my friends Lakshmikanth and Prasad wished me in advance.

I got wishes from my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law in advance.

My cousin Gopi conveyed the wishes through GTalk.

Apart from this, two of my darlings 'Gomathi & Sujatha' (used to call my female friends as Darlings) conveyed the wishes through mails, sent the greetings through and that was little bit embrassive even close friends forgot abt this.

Kumar Mukkala wished me on this event.

I was expected to see wishes from my best friends which didnt happen. But I am not much worried as I am able to perform what ever I am supposed to do as per the instuctions from GOD.

Forgot to tell, I informed to my room mates in New Jersey while we were at Intelli office and they both(Yaseen, Sudhakar) conveyed the wishes.

  • Celebrated this in USA (ofcourse no celebrations).
  • Passed the Knowledge Test.
  • Visited Intelligroup Inc office but couldn't enter in.
  • Visited Sri Durga Mandir located on Raymond Drive, US27 North, New Jersey.

By the time, I look back, the day got passed just like that. :(

~ Subhash Chandra Gangadhar Kotu

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