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Till date, My life had given me more experiences. If I/You can answer the following properly, then I/you have a overview of your Life.

Who am I?
I have got a cast in the drama called 'Life' and the cast name is 'Gangadhar Kotu'. My script writer 'Brahma' and the director 'God' given some assignment on the Globe to perform some character in this whole drama.
What is my average life time?
Hope to be 65-70 years long character in the Drama.
What am I doing here (after birth)?
I am not known fully what I am performing. But without knowing the character, I had performed the 31 years of character in the drama. I have many co-artists in my drama like 'Parents', 'Friends' and 'Family'. I had been imposed by my co-artists and running the life along with them.
What am I supposed to do?
I am not aware but just following other characters.
Am I here to supress others life?
No. I am not. Not at all. But I am performing what I like. And not imposing by anybody (including inner sole).
Am I here to make others hurt?
No. I am not. Not at all.
Am I here to rule others life?
No. I am not. Not at all.
Am I doing right things on my daily routine?
Yes. I am doing right to my knowledge.
Am I selfish in the life?
Yes. I am selfish if it belongs to Personal as I donnot wanna expose my personal activities to outside and also doesn't allow anybody to disclose the same.
No. I am not selfish if it belongs to Public.
Am I jealous of others growth in Personal life?
No. I am not. Not at all.
Even if I am jealous, what I will get out of it with out I achieve the same. Instead of jealous, I try to achive the same; so that I become more happy by reaching to the state where I made me jealous.
Am I jealous of others growth in Work life?
Yes. I am quite bit jealous of others as the chances are just going with others on the way but not touching me even on the road. Even I am jealous, I was never hurt anybody and ever tried to hurt for that. But tried to express my feel with the superiors to get the chance.
Can I jealous of others for any reason?
No. Not at all.
If yes, you should not hurt them.
What did I achieve till now in the life?
I had achieved a little bit of happiness and happiness.
What am I supposed to achieve futher?
Little more happiness and happiness. I can also help the people who are in need if possible.
Can I yell others for my happiness?
No. Not at all. I should never try to do that. I can only share (but not express) my feels with others to make the life better.
Can I help others rather than troubling?
Yes. I can always help others with full heart but not imposed by anyone. I should never ever trouble any individual in the so called 'Life'.
What should be my lifetime achievements?
Happiness, Happiness, Happiness.

These are the questions, everybody would have in their mind. But just for the reason like we have to be happy, we make many mistakes but never commit the same. In most of the cases, when ever we do a mistake, cannot be rolled back. It is always better to commit the same. So that who ever suffered, become happy rather than suffering again.

What is Happiness? :)

To my knowledge, Happiness is the state of mind.

"Happiness is an emotion associated with feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy."

Biological approach

The evolutionary perspective offers an alternative approach to understand what happiness or quality of life is about. Briefly, the questions to be answered are: What features are included in the brain that allows humans to distinguish between positive and negative states of mind, and why did evolution add these features? Answering these questions points towards an understanding of what happiness is about and how to best exploit the capacities of the brain that humans are endowed with.

Here are some quotes:

a. Happiness is the most achievable asset in the world rather than money, ... anything.
- Gangadhar Kotu
b. Arise, Awake and Stop Not till the goal is reached ..!!
- Swami Vivekananda

~Gangadhar Kotu

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