Monday, September 28, 2009

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram trip

With a short notice from friend, I had been to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram with my friend's car. Today, seems to be lots of rush inside the ashram. Also noticed that there are various religions from India and devotees (Yoga students) are from other countries too.

As I noticed there, everything is commercial and too costly since the Yoga practice to buy anything. But not sure why? Is this a damn good business going on?

Seems to be Sri Sri foundation is going to start a new university in Orissa called 'Sri Sri Ravi Shankar University' by 2010. I asked them like "What is the qualification required to join this university? Does this require Graduation or Post Graduation?" What kind of answers do you expect from them? Wow..... ..... Are you thinking now on this???????

Here are the answers
  • You can do either Graduation or Post Graduation from this University. But this university will be opened in Orissa by 2010.
  • We don't have any brochures on this.
  • Give us some contacts where they can help in contributing funds.
  • Give us any contact who can rise the funds.
I was like surprised to hear the answers from them. I have no word from then when they are stressing on the last two points.

I went to this Ashram almost like 4 years ago. When I had been there last time, there were very less shopping (just underneath the Vishala Mandir). But now, everything is there including any fancy item, ......bags, shirts, trousers, ..........., handicrafts, ... tiffin, snaks, ice creams,... juice, tender coconut,.................... cyber cafe,................. ATMs,............... choultry........ Travel agencies (taxis, bus facility, airlines booking....). What a facility there?

By all, I don't think this is just an Ashram but a great resort. :(

To add this, I donno what to say, but Sri Sri Ravi Shankar came for a visit (in a car) with tight security on to the one round trip of Ashram road (inside) by 5:45 PM. I was expecting him to have a walk by him in the same path. In spite of that he came by car and just went like that even though lots of people are waiting to see him. I doubt everybody can see him during that time.

Well, as he is a Guru of Yoga and Art of Living, if he would have walk down on the path, people would have followed him and he would have become an example (role model) to not to use the vehicles inside the campus and also it would have been a message (No pollution, exercise and relief) to everybody. What happens to his teach (ethics) to everybody in the world.

I feel Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can serve lots of free or at least low price things to the public.

Finally something for free in Ashram is you can have free lunch/dinner. :)

By all means, my understanding that Art of Living is of a full commercial purpose.

~ Gangadhar Kotu


Mega Star said...

Dont know where its heading too... i found coke and burgers in Akshardhama Delhi.I dont know if its wrong or rite to sell them and provide them, all i know is one thing.. for international clients they require them very badly so we cant avoid them.

My advice :-- Belive in you and go ahead with life.

Rakesh Sharma said...

Although i empathize with the surprise you feel, I am still a bit lost with your thoughts. it forces me to ask some basic questions...
1) What is wrong in an ashram being something like resort? Just because we have a typical image of an ashram it should always be like it? What is the main purpose of an Ashram? and if this is being solved what is wring on being a little worldly?

2) Is sacrifice(austerity) a prerequisite for a meaningful living and nirvana?

I guess we as indians have an history of sadhus, Saints and sacrificing of worldly being to attain nirvana. But in present context I feel it is not necessary to leave the world to be closer to God or self. One has to do small little things in his or her own capacity to have a positive self impression. And I believe that a person will be closest to God and nirvana if he/she love self and everything which extends his being. (surroundings, people, neighborhood, etc)

But at the same time... people tend to follow trends on a superficial level. They just follow everyone else without the understanding of how it will benefit them. This is what is always taken advantage of.