Monday, February 2, 2009

MOSS learnings

Here are the links for learning various parts of MOSS technology.

  1. Good idea to have all in a single place here.
  2. Creating a Basic SharePoint Web Part (Before trying, Install extensions for Sharepoint here VS 2005 extensions, VS2008 extensions )
    • This programming task includes the steps for creating a basic custom Windows SharePoint Services Web Part here .
  3. Good wiki link for MOSS developement here.
  4. Sharepoint Server developer center here.
  5. Check list for creating web parts here.
  6. Best Practices
  7. Technical Articles here.
  8. Windows Sharepoint Serives 3.0 here.
  9. iFrame enhancements in webpart here.
  10. Workflows
  11. WCF Patterns: here .
~ Gangadhar Kotu (గంగాధర్ కోటు)

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