Monday, January 26, 2009

Travel to India

Whenever I saw the itinerary, I gotta know this would be hectic. I even felt little bit more that what I had expected. The travel was very hectic as I felt all the shit in the journey.
a. Boared at Philadeliphia
b. Landed at Chicago and took local train to reach Terminal 5. Took the Boarding pass to India from Air India counter. Had a chat with Yaseen for about 2 hours. Finally boarded here too.
c. Landed at Frankfurt and re-boarded to the flight.
d. Landed at Mumbai and waited for domestic flight (Air-India).
e. Landed in Bangalore by 26Jan 5:00 AM (correct time)

Took taxi (Akbar travels) for about Rs. 1100/- and reached home finally.

~ Gangadhar Kotu (గంగాధర్ కోటు)

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